Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts on Lauren Myracle's The Infinite Moment of Us

Just finished The Infinite Moment of Us
Lauren Myracle tends to write humorously and poignantly and in a way that makes you sit up and pay attention. I loved Shine, and the several that she wrote before that one-- Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks and all those other kind-of-lighthearted-but-kind-of-not stories that show how well she gets teens. That's why reading this one was a disappointment on several levels. Wren and Charlie are two-dimensional characters whose dialog sounds like a scripted after-school special. Wren's BFF Tessa and Tessa's boyfriend P.G. (who goes from being a sleezy pick-up artist to the best boyfriend of all time in 30 seconds flat) are both too good to be true. And Myracle's kind of in-your-face insistence on including a couple of fairly graphic sex scenes gave me the impression that she was trying to create a more contemporary Forever. I probably would have found the sex scenes less gratuitous and more important to the story development if Wren wasn't SO blushing and giggly every time Charlie looked at her.
Not a terrible story... but not what we've come to expect from this author.

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