Sunday, September 22, 2013

Edge-of-your-seat suspense with The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

On Friday, we finally got the first batch of books that we had ordered before school got out.  They're usually delivered to us over the summer and waiting when we get back to school that last week of August.  A little later this year, but no less like Christmas opening up the boxes and seeing all the possibility in those piles of books.  We'll process them and get them into circulation and watch some of the kids light up-- because there are always those kids who love the idea of unexplored "new" books as much as their librarians do!  I brought several home to read.  Tore through this one... it's edge-of-your-seat suspense.  Here's my review of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die from Goodreads:

She regains consciousness on a hard wood floor.
A tooth is loose and the inside of her mouth tastes like blood.
Her left hand is in severe pain and she soon realizes that two of her fingers are missing fingernails.
The voices of two men argue about whether to kill her.
She has no idea who she is or why she's there.

So begins this roller coaster of a story. One of the men leaves, and the nameless narrator manages to draw on self-defense skills she didn't know she had, overpower the other man, and steal his car and his gun, driving for her life. But her one attempt to go to the police backfires when the officer gets a report that she's escaped from a nearby mental hospital after killing an orderly there. Has she? Is her memory really that fragmented? Who can she trust? Who is going to such effort to draw a net tighter and tighter until they can recapture her?

Over the roughly 36 hours that she is on the run, bits and pieces start falling into place, but can even knowing more about why all of this is happening save her if she can't find someone who will believe her bizarre story?

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